The Marketing Word Kill List

At one point in history, a clever soul used the word optimize in a sentence and the world’s collective mind was blown. We learned at that point that things were no longer just done better, they were optimized. And on that day, there was an unspoken agreement made among all writers of words – optimize shall be in every sentence ever written from thenceforth.

Use the Whole Buffalo

In the world of content marketing, the concept – that big idea – is the grain and gristle of our marketing diets. All of our content has to be sourced from a big idea - the bigger idea, the more content that can be sourced from it. The trick is knowing how to be as economical as possible with our content.

Good Content Is Like that Dog that Everyone Has to Pet

People only talk about you, your brand, your content in as much as talking about you allows them to talk about themselves, or connect with another person. That’s buzz. That’s that little chuckle we do around friends when nothing is actually funny. It’s just something to connect the room.

Experience Bait: For when the Clicks Just Don't Do It for You Anymore

What if we shifted our goals on digital from focusing on a physical action – click, share, buy – to one of mental action. What if we focused on how a piece of content would resonate in the mind rather than in our metrics? Actionable content is great; it’s trackable; it’s informing; but it’s also ephemeral. All the value is for the marketer, not the consumer.