A New Civility

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A Content Marketing Shop

A New Civility is a digital content shop helping brands, individuals and anyone with a story to tell, create something meaningful. There are a lot of "tactics" you can use in the world of marketing - we try to use as few as necessary to keep your brand, your message, and your audience front and center.

How we work

We're generalists. Digital, design and written generalists. we are the gap fillers for your business marketing needs.

1. Consult

We want to get to know you, your goals and hear your story first hand.  Then we'll evaluate what you are currently doing and create a plan the enables you to go out and prosper on your own. 

2. Manage

We will not only learn your story, we will actually tell it. We'll completely manage the process on an ongoing basis, and, of course, work closely with you to make sure your story is being told as you like.

3. Coach

We will manage your accounts for a bit (usually 1-3 months), coaching you along the way. After that, you will get a full consultation to feel fully comfortable to take it from there.


Content is movement







Content should force people to see themselves or the world around them differently.

In an overly cluttered digital world, we are trying to create content that gives people permission to stop what they are doing and immerse themselves into something meaningful.

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